2010 was a good year, but 2011 looks very promising as well.

Lets be honest, few of us knew that 2010 would be such an exciting year with snow-chaos in Sweden, volcano-ash paralysis in Europe and several devastating disasters around the world.

A good guess is that 2011 will be no different. We will be surprised by sudden events that require rapid response operations in areas we could not even imagine.
From a research point of view, I hope that we in the research community will become better in conducting rapid research studies to learn more about the complexities and challenges in the early phases of response operations.
I also hope that we will do better in studying response work that takes place when all the media houses and high-profile NGOs has left the disaster areas. It seems that there are many things yet to learn about long-term response work. Perhaps will the ISCRAM 2011 conference in Lisbon, Portugal shed new light on this.
I am really looking forward to the annual ISCRAM conference. This year, I also hope that we will host a mobile video workshop at the conference to explore how mobile video could be used in a variety of response settings.
I wish you all a happy new year!
2011 will be a tough year with lots of exciting research.

Updated deadline from ISCRAM2011 fullpapers: 5th of January.

New submission deadlines:
NOW 5th January! (extended due to requests)
Deadline for submission of full research papers,
work in progress and practitioner papers.

Conference website

ISCRAM2011 Call for Paper

ISCRAM2011 Call for Papers is out – Lisbon, Portugal, May 8-11 2011. Tracks on early warning systems, social media, GIS, standards, humanitarian challenges, and more. More information on http://iscram2011.lnec.pt/ . Do not forget to also visit the ISCRAM.org website for details on the ISCRAM association and access to proceedings from previous ISCRAM-conference.

Start preparing for ISCRAM 2011

With just a few weeks after the closing of this years successful ISCRAM-conference, it is already time to start preparing for the ISCRAM2011 conference. The 8th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management – ISCRAM 2011, will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, May 8-11, 2011. Read more at the ISCRAM2011 website.

This means that researches and professionals in the area in crisis and emergency response already at this early point in time book these dates. Lets join forces and suggest interesting discussion panels, workshops or exciting demos that really shows how we as a community can make a difference and improve international, national, regional and local response work. Maybe it is time for us to be more critical to the super-fast technological developments that promise much benefits but sadly too often delivers to little.

I am looking forward to a great conference, in a nice city with a crowd of inspiring professionals and researchers. For the ISCRAM2011 conference, I do expect several teams from Sweden including, MSB, FOI, CrisMart, LiU as well as the Crisis Response Lab. It would be excellent if the MSB team could consist of people that work on WIS and LUPP as well as people that work on the methodological aspects of emergency and crisis response.

See you all in Lisbon May 8-11 2011.

LiveResponse is finally here as a commercial service

In the last few years, our research team has been working with a small project on bringing live video broadcasting to the crisis and emergency response community. Our design work and extensive evaluation activities has now resulted in a product that no longer is just a good research app, but an application that we can offer to any organization across the world.

LiveResponse is the result of a highly successful collaboration with the people behind the award-winning Bambuser live video service. LiveResponse is a modified and extended version that targets crisis and emergency responders. To make LiveResponse available, it has been necessary to setup a legal company along with all necessary legal documents in order to release LiveResponse from the research lab environment. We have just made a small step along an exciting road. If your are interested in what mobile live video broadcasting from ordinary cellphones could do for your organization, please visit www.liveresponse.eu

ISCRAM2010 – Research in Progress deadline 18th of jan 2010

Keep in mind the Research-in-progress deadline for the next years ISCRAM2010.

The deadline will be on the 18th of january. Have a look at the www.iscram.org wesbite for further details.


ISCRAM2010 – 7th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management
Defining Crisis Management 3.0
May 2-5, 2010
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Seattle Washington USA

Link to: Call For Papers & Submission deadlines