I work as a senior lecturer (Ph.D in Informatics) at the Department of Applied IT, University of Gothenburg , Sweden.

This WordPress site is a good illustration of my research and how my research interests has changed over almost 20 years of time. In my early academic career at the Viktoria institute the focus was on the design of IT-use for firefighters. In 2008 and until 2014 my focus was on collaboration among emergency response actors. During a few years around 2010-2013 some of the research results were commercialized. In 2015-2018 my focus shifted to more complex disasters and humanitarian response work. From 2018 I made a slow shift over to digitalization in sports.

So from 2018 and onward, my research interest is oriented on how digitalization is changing how sport activities are organized, performed, and consumed, with a specific focus on how athletes make use of digital technologies as part of their athletic achievements.

If you have a look in the archives, you will discover that between 2003 to 2018, my research was oriented on empirical studies, along with extensive field work, the design of information technology-use for crisis and emergency response work.


My research is design-driven and oriented on exploring new ways of designing and embedding information technology into social settings and work practices by using real-world prototypes. Sometimes are these efforts successful and therefore transformed into commercial products such as the LiveResponse video-platform delivered by IDEAviate AB 2009-2013).

I enjoy teaching and supervising at master’s level-programs:

  • Digital Leadership, masters program(2017 – 2019)
    Course: Digital Infrastructures (code: TIA016)
  • Master in Communication (between 2011-2018, 2020, 2021)
    Course: Communication Technology (code: TIA066)
  • Interaction design & technologies, Masters program (2014-2016)
    Course: Human Centered Design (code: TDA486)
  • IT-Management, masters program (2007-2013)
    Course: IT-infrastructure (code: TIA008)

Previous employments:
Chalmers University of Technology
Gothenburg University
Viktoria Institute

This blog presents my personal views.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I am M B H Parvez from Bangladesh. I have just completed my Master’s in MIS. I am very much interested to built my carrier in such area.

    How can I do this???

    1. I think the best thing you can do is to contact local governmental agencies or NGOs working in the area of emergency and crisis response and start work for them in your spare time. Contact for example the Red Cross, WHO or Oxfam in the region you live and see how you could work with them.

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