Industrial Research Collaboration

During the last week, I have had the opportunity to meet a few companies that are interested in conducting collaborative research projects with the Public Safety Research Group at the Viktoria Institute. This is especially good news in relation to my new role in the group as research manager. Perhaps one of the most important issue for people for academia is to understand the academic research and industrial research often run across different time scales with significant differences in temporal dynamics. Here, I believe, we from academia must become better in adjusting our approaches and methods to the relative shorter time scales in industry. The positive thing is that I firmly believe that it is possible to do such adjustment. There are many approaches and methods that are applicable for such collaborative projects. The contacts during last week is also a signal that the industry is in general doing really well and the need for research and development is important. In the next few months, I hope to settle a few agreements for industrial collaborative projects where the Public Safety Research Group at the Viktoria Institute will make a difference for the individual industrial organizations.

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