Crisis Communication in large-scale heterogeneous actor networks?

Now when Queensland in Australia is facing extremely difficult times, a reflection concerning crisis communication crossed my mind. The volume of coordination activities necessary to handle the situation must exceed even the wildest crisis response plans.

Communication between national, regional and local authorities is probably working well due to well-established communication practices. ( I will probably be proven wrong here.) However, a flooding of such proportions are not only an event of concern for government agencies but for almost any sector in the society. One could assume that few national emergency management agencies have systems or methods that can scale in order to handle crisis communication across large-scale heterogeneous actor networks in this situation. The challenge of pushing information from the national agencies to the general public, public sector companies and private companies is complex. But one could assume that establishing a two-way communication in these heterogeneous networks is even more complex. The level of complexity due to scale are impressive and would require new systems and methods.

Designing information infrastructures supporting crisis communication in large-scale heterogeneous actor networks will probably be an important area for future research.

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