ISCRAM 2009 Planning meeting

Today and yesterday, we had a ISCRAM 2009 planning meeting at the IT-university in Gothenburg Sweden. The meeting was attended by ISCRAM community members that has arranged the conference previously and have strong commitments to the community.
The two-day meeting provided valuable input for the planning for the ISCRAM2009 conference as well as on activities to further develop the ISCRAM-community activities. We all had a great time in working with these issues. The meeting was attended by Susanne Jul (Instedd), Bartel Van de Walle (Tilburg University), Benny Carle (SCK-CEN), Kees Nieuwenhuas(D-CIS), Frank Fiedrich (George Washington University), Paul Burghardt (D-CIS), Urban Nulden (Gothenburg University) and myself Jonas Landgren (The Viktoria Institute).

ISCRAM 2008: A Success

The 2008 ISCRAM conference was a massive success. During the three day conference, the conference delegates had the opportunity to listen to a wide variety of very interesting topics and results from research projects. Ben Schneidermann and Garry Klein gave very intriguing key-note speeches. But perhaps the best part with ISCRAM is the opportunities for social networking. Where every you go at the conference, people are discussing research opportunities, shared experiences and sometimes debating differing opinions on very specific topics. The inter-disciplinary style, despite its focus on IS, is very inspiring and I´ll bet that many of us had new insights and future joint-research projects in mind when we finally went home.

ISCRAM2008 Opening Ceremony

The ISCRAM 2008 conference has now started. We are just in the opening ceremony at this moment. The conference is held at the George Washington University. The weather outside is perfect at 28 celsius degree. I am really looking forward for all the exciting sessions, at last but not least the networking with my colleguauges in various Universities around the world.

Ben Schneidermen is the keynote speaker following the morning opening ceremony.

Directly from CHI2008 in Italy: Collaboration Oriented Evacuation System

In a poster session at CHI2008, Lucy T Gunawan & Augustinus HJ Oomes from Delft Univ presented a concept for a Collaboration Oriented Evacuation System. Lucy and I met during the ISCRAM Summer School 2006.

A short paper from the CHI PhD-colloquium about this concept can be found at ACM (Link)

I got this picture from my friend and colleague Johan Lundin, Göteborg University, on location at CHI2008.

The ISCRAM2008 Ph.D. Student Colloquium

The goal of the Ph.D. Student Colloquium at the 2008 ISCRAM conference is to develop and sustain a network of young scholars working in the area of Information Systems for crisis response and management. The one-day colloquium links current Ph.D. students working in this field to peers and senior researchers that share their interests. Students will be given the opportunity to discuss their research and receive feedback from other participants. Thus, the colloquium provides an opportunity for students to refine and focus their dissertation research based on the input they receive and new insights that the discussion of other research will generate. To participate in the colloquium, students are required submit an overview of their dissertation proposal and prepare a poster that summarizes their research.

Students are expected to play an active role in the colloquium. During the ISCRAM conference itself, the colloquium poster session of PhD students’ research work will be on display. Please prepare your poster and bring it with you to the colloquium.

The colloquium will be a held at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, May 4, 2008. It will be a full-day activity 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, following this outline:

Part I – Introduction to the world of ISCRAM
Part II- Presentation of student research
Part III- Discussion of breadth of research in this multi-disciplinary field
Part IV- Evening social gathering with food and drinks

Each colloquium participant is expected to:

  • Submit a summary research proposal. The proposal should be two to three pages long and include an abstract. Documents have to be submitted via the ISCRAM paper submission system at (Session ID: ISCRAM-04). Submission deadline is February 20, 2008.
  • Give a short (10 minute) presentation on their research.
  • Bring a poster about the research the student is conducting – size A1 (or approx. 28” x 22”), A2 (or approx. 17” x 22”)

Ph.D. Colloquium Chair

Jonas Landgren

Public Safety Group
Victoria Institute
Gothenburg, Sweden

Yippe! Someone took notice….

..of my CHI presentation last year. On the Mauro Cherubini´s moleskine blog a reference is made to my presentation. 

Extended deadline for ISCRAM 2008

5th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management ISCRAM2008
May 4-7, 2008
The George Washington University
Washington, DC, USA

1. We extended the paper submission deadline to January 6, 2008. Paper Templates and the Call for Papers can be downloaded from

2. Gary Klein and Ben Shneiderman are two of our keynote speakers at ISCRAM2008. Dr. Klein is well known for his work in naturalistic decision making and for his field studies in the emergency management domain. Professor Shneiderman is an influential pioneer in human computer interaction. He is currently working on community response grids and other topics relevant to the ISCRAM community.

3. Ph.D. Student Colloquium and Mike Meleshkin Best Ph.D. Student Paper Award: The ISCRAM Ph.D. Student Colloquium and the Mike Meleshkin award for the best Ph.D. student paper have always been an integral part of the ISCRAM conferences. The ISCRAM2008 Ph.D. colloquium will be held on Sunday, May 4, 2008 at The George Washington University. For details on the application procedures see

4. Registration for ISCRAM2008 is now open. Early registration deadline is March 21, 2008. Further details and pricing information can be found on the ISCRAM community web site.