ISCRAM 2009 Planning meeting

Today and yesterday, we had a ISCRAM 2009 planning meeting at the IT-university in Gothenburg Sweden. The meeting was attended by ISCRAM community members that has arranged the conference previously and have strong commitments to the community.
The two-day meeting provided valuable input for the planning for the ISCRAM2009 conference as well as on activities to further develop the ISCRAM-community activities. We all had a great time in working with these issues. The meeting was attended by Susanne Jul (Instedd), Bartel Van de Walle (Tilburg University), Benny Carle (SCK-CEN), Kees Nieuwenhuas(D-CIS), Frank Fiedrich (George Washington University), Paul Burghardt (D-CIS), Urban Nulden (Gothenburg University) and myself Jonas Landgren (The Viktoria Institute).

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