Call for Presentations: 17th World Conference on Disaster Management

The Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness is calling for presentations for the 17th World Conference on Disaster Management (WCDM).

Location and date: Toronto, Canada, July 8-11, 2007.
Conference theme : “Emergency Management and Business Continuity Working Together.”

WCDM is an annual event that addresses issues common to all aspects of disaster/emergency management. The conference program includes speakers from many parts of the world and provides opportunities for training and networking among those in emergency planning/management, business continuity, emergency response, disaster management research, emergency communications, emergency health, risk management, security, information technology, human resources, environmental/community planning, as well as for the organizations that supply and service these professions.

Presentations should fall into one or more of the following categories:

* Real events/lessons learned
* Emerging trends in disaster management
* The human element in disaster management
* Technical issues/threats
* Disaster management principles and practices
* Research and development

Presentation abstracts must be submitted by December 3, 2006. To learn
more, visit or contact Adrian Gordon at

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