Brief Incident reports available at the Crisis Response Journal

A few days ago I became aware of the Crisis Response Journal. After having a quick look at this publication, I noted the section where Incident reports from various countires are presented. Even if the reports are not extensive, they do provide some interesting reflections from incidents. A valuable improvement would be to have incident reports where a team of international professionals, such as fire commanders, field operative rescue personnel etc, review incidents and draw implications for similar future incidents.

A team of international reviewers means also some costs but I do believe that the benefit from post-mortem reviews of incidents would provide substantial value. The value would be both for practioners as well as academics and especially for people that are involved in designing information technology for emergency response work. Reviews of past incidents have the potential to inspire, inform and ground important design decisions on real world data.

Therefore, perhaps the funders for such a review team could be formed with the large defence and security corporations that is clearly moving in the direction of civilian implementations of military technology.

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