Stay updated: Small-scale common operating picture application

Today, two of my master students (Fredrik Bergstand and Jorgen Jansson) at the IT-university together with visited Gothenburg Fire and Rescue Services for a demo-session. We demonstrated a prototype materializing how incident data, news feeds, video streams from road cameras could be used to improve fire crews awareness of what is going on in the local district. The prototype was built on GoogleMaps that was used as a layer to superimpose data upon. A typical way of accessing the prototype could in the future be via the organizations intranet. The demo session was very successful and the prototype triggered valuable discussion on how very simple means could improve a sense of a common operating picture on a small-scale level. The same technology could also be scaled-up to provide web-based services that enable a common operating picture on a regional level. The attendees of the demo session had the opportunity to test the prototype which triggered interesting discussion on what representations on a digital map really means and how a common operating picture is a construction based on the interpretation of several people that together assign meaning to the representations. (Click here to try the prototype)

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