Mobile Crisis Response App-store

Today, I had an excellent talk with Aida and Negar at the Software Engineering & Management Program at the Department of Applied IT at the Gothenburg University. Aida and Negar has started to work on a project where they will explore the idea of a work-domain specific app-store for crisis response. Such type of an App-store is to some extent i sharp contrast to the platform specific App-stores developed by Apple. Google, RIM, Nokia, SonyEricsson, and LG. Aida and Negar presented their results from an initial survey of the different platforms and it was evident in the discussion that followed, that Iphone and S60/Nokia platforms are to underlying complexity and the need to have a “certified/signed” application.
In their work, they will instead focus on the Android platform and Windows Mobile. Android feels very fresh, but Windows Mobile is from my perspective not the hottest platform for innovative design. But there are many many Windows Mobile devices out there, especially among higher ranking managers in organisations dealing with crisis management. The installed base should always be considered.
Aida and Negar is now moving forward with their project and the next step will be to learn more about Android and Android Market. Insights from the platform and the App-store( or market) will provide valuable input for requirement specification and design. During the autumn, the perhaps provoking plan is to open up a small but working App-store for the Swedish Crisis Response Community. Anyone that would like to contribute in this work are welcome to join in this exciting effort.

3 thoughts on “Mobile Crisis Response App-store

  1. this is a great idea and must be done, but remember wireless systems are useless when the network is down, unless it's embedded. and then if it's embedded, there might be someone who has patented it around the world. something to look into. remember, the resilience of any app is only as good as it is when it works with or without connectivity.

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