HCD – Human Centered Design……IDEO did it again!

A few weeks ago, the world famous design company IDEO, released the HCD-toolkit. The Human Centered Design approach is “an open-source toolkit that inspires new solutions to difficult challenges with human-centered design”[www.ideo.com]. The toolkit has been developed for social change projects but could equally as well be used for any other design project. I found great inspiration from this toolkit. The toolkit consists of all the well-known techniques and methods we have been used over the years. But the key thing with the IDEO HCD-toolkit is the well-designed packaging.
The HCD-toolkit is open-source so I would assume that it will be free to adapt the toolkit.
At the ISCRAM PhD-student Summershool in Tilburg in the end of august, we will use the HCD in a Crisis Response Design Camp-event focusing on IT-use for Citizens Crisis Preparedness and Response. The HCD-Toolkit will be great to use in order to inspire and promote learning among the PhD-students in using a design approach in the area of IS/IT and crisis response.

The HCD-toolkit is available for download at www.ideo.com.

More information about ISCRAM is available at www.iscram.org

2 thoughts on “HCD – Human Centered Design……IDEO did it again!

  1. I could not understand, what is it? Could describe it more & more that how will be useful.I will be wait for your next blog.thanks. Keep it up…….

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