Web Server on your cellphone – a new design space

Last night, I successfully installed Nokias Mobile Web Server on my S60 cellphone. I have been aware of this service for some while but I never really took the time to install it, until now. My reaction to the experience of accessing my cellphone via my laptop web browser was significant. Like a kid on christmas day. The web server is a stripped down apache server with som add-ons. The Nokia software opens up the mobile phones functionality so you can do many nice things in a remote mode. My mind goes a bit wild when I in a hands-on-fashion explore what it could mean that all mobile devices are connected to the internet. The range of new solutions seems endless. For emergency and crisis response, it might mean that we could design and deploy solutions that in new ways provide connectivity across a network of response actors. There is no longer a need to add yet another device such as a tabletpc just in order to provide a two-way data communication. I hope that we in a short time will be able to publish some desirable concepts that shows the possibilities for Swedish Emergency and Crisis Response. Until then…have a look at: http://mymobilesite.net/

One thought on “Web Server on your cellphone – a new design space

  1. I think these technologies are very promising – but depend on multiple platforms, mobile providers who don't seem to provide for emergency power, and limited range. It's my thought that the citi-responder community needs more than mobile phones alone – that robust communications will depend on redundancy: RF in the business-industrial bands (in the U.S., where NGOs get assigned frequencies); in the ham radio bands; WIFI networks with VOIP; and sound-powered telephones. That said, we should exploit mobile phone technology as much as possible. Jonathan Sorokohttp://popularlogistics.com

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