Call for papers on Sports Technology Research

Call for Papers Special Issue Sport Technology Journal of High Technology Management Research

  • Virtual reality, wearables, smart phone apps
  • Drones, tablet displays, camera usage in sport
  • Interconnected sport arenas and mobile commerce
  • Sustainable sport technology, environmental management
  • Data analytics, big data, internet of things
  • Smart helmets and equipment
  • Electronic sports

Aim of special journal issue: The sport industry has rapidly changed in recent years due to emerging technologies developed that have altered the sport experience. Data analytics, mobile commerce and the internet-of-things have transformed the way sport is viewed and consumed in society. New technology such as virtual reality will further change how sport is perceived as a form of entertainment but also for performance results. Smart phone apps are another technology that has altered the way individuals interact in a sport context by tracking their performance in terms of GPS, track times and heart rates. The way these emerging technologies are changing the sport experience is staggering and is expected to grow in the future. Other technologies such as drones are being increasingly used in sport events to highlight different features and obtain a better viewing experience. In addition, goal line technology in football and other sports have made computer technology necessary in decision making. Devices like smart watches and fitness trackers are being used more and this has created new sport start ups that are entering unchartered territory. The aim of this special journal issue is to focus on emerging technologies in sport thereby developing new theory and fostering more discussion about their advantages and disadvantages. Possible topics to consider for the special journal issue include:
Deadline:  30 December 2019
Guest editor : Dr Vanessa Ratten

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