TIEMS-ISCRAM PHD-Student Summerschool: A big success!

The first TIEMS-ISCRAM PhD-student Summerschool took place at Tilburg University between the 13th and 22nd of june. The host for the summerschool was Bartel Van den Walle at Tilburg University and cofounder of the ISCRAM annual Conference.
About twenty Phd-students from various academic disciplines all over the world made together with a strong line-up of senior researchers this first summerschool a huge success. From my perspective, Prof Rhona Flin from Aberdeen University was the best one with her passionate talk on crisis management and recognition-primed decision making. According to my understanding, there are plans for a summerschool next year. Keep yourself updated on www.ISCRAM.org.
Additional information on this years summerschool is found on www.iscram.org/summerschool

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