Making sense of a storm

Tonight, a storm will strike the western part of Sweden and the national weather forecast service has issued a category 2 warning. Local rescue services and the road auhtorities have adviced people to stay indoors and prepare for power outages. 16.45 today, I had a conversation with a commander at the Gothenburg Fire and Rescue Services about the storm, and he said that it is always difficult to balance the actions for preparedness and the actions to just go on with the work as normal. The weather forcast can rapidly change. Anyway, the conversation ended by deciding that I will attend the 09:00 command meeting and get the opportunity to listen and talk to the people working.

The storm will reach its peak during the early morning, so it could be a bit tricky to actually travel to the Fire and Rescue Services Headquarters, a distance 45kilometer from my house. Looking out the window, I can see heavy rain and trees bending in the wind. The storm has not yet arrived. Making sense of wind speeds of u too 28meters per second is easy, making sense of the consequences on a regional level is much more difficult.

>> Sunday 12:00
The storm did not cause the level of damages as first anticipated. When I drove to the meeting on saturday morning, just a few minor signs of the strong winds were evident.
The command meeting confirmed that the storm had caused just minor damages. So no extra activities were initiated by the fire and rescue services. One of the more interesting observations from the command meeting was the use of various types of weather data.

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