6th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and
Management May 10-13 2009 Göteborg, Sweden

With more than 30 DAYS left until the paper submission deadline, we would like to inform that the submission system is now open. This also means that there is plenty of time in order to finalize your valuable and exciting contribution. We are all looking forward to see you at ISCRAM 2009 in Gothenburg Sweden.

PAPER SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Sunday January 11, 2009
Submission types: Academic Research Papers and Practitioner Presentations.

Papers for ISCRAM2009 cover all aspects of information systems for crisis response and management, broadly defined but still related to the 10 general tracks, and may take the form of completed research papers, research-in-progress papers as well as practitioner presentations.
* Humanitarian Actions and Operations

* Collaboration and Social Networking

* Human-Computer Interaction

* Geo-Information Support

* Intelligent Systems

* Standardization and Ontologies

* Research methods

* Technologies, Tools and Demos

* Open-track

In addition to the above general tracks, there is also 18 special sessions covering specific aspects of this domain. Please have a look at at the ISCRAM Community website ( for detailed information of the tracks and special sessions CFPs.

During the ISCRAM 2009 conference there will be a selection of special events such as a PhD-colloquium, Workshops, Hands-on Demo Sessions, Poster Sessions and a practitioners side-event. Additional information about these events will be made available at

PAPER SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Sunday January 11, 2009
Please also join the ISCRAM Facebook group

Conference Co-Chairs ISCRAM2009
Jonas Landgren
Bartel Van de Walle

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