LiveResponse: Mobile Video Broadcasting for Emergency Response Work

After a few months of workshops and design interations, it is finally time for the field-based use of the LiveResponse prototype with the Roadsmart application. Since september 2008, a small project team together with users and representatives at the Gothenburg Fire and Rescue Services, the Paramedics (OLA-Unit) at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, and the Swedish Road Authorities has been working intensily to form a practical and highly functional prototype based on mobile video broadcasting capabilities. The project has collaborated with personnel at Bambuser to re-package core services from Bambuser into an application for emergency responders. Likewise, the project has also worked closely with technical expertise at the Road Authority to embed live video feeds from the traffic web-camera system in the Gothenburg region.

Since a few weeks, preparations has been made to finally use the LiveResponse Prototype in real work. The LiveResponse prototype will be used for two months at the fire and rescue services command centre, by the incident commanders, by paramedic teams (OLA-Unit), and at the regional traffic management centre.

LiveResponse consist of an webbased application providing live video feeds from traffic cameras as well as from mobilephone cameras. By using stationary and mobile cameras, the end-users will be able to access and share live video streams in order to reach an improved situational awareness in emergency response work. During the evaluation/field phase, the accidents in focus will be traffic accidents.

An improved version of LiveResponse will be shown in the demo session at ISCRAM 2009 Conference in Gothenburg. For additional uppdates on the ISCRAM 2009 Conference please see

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