Snacks: High risk products….

On Wednesday night last week, a series of politically-related sabotage actions were made against several super markets in Södertälje city in Sweden. Someone or a group of people had placed small improvised “fuel-bombs” in the snack-shelves in several super markets. These “fuel-bombs” ignited during the night with a completely devastating result of three destroyed super markets. The people behind this aggression seems to have had knowledge about the high risk product: SNACKS!
In 2003, the Swedish Rescue Services Agency( now MSB) funded an experiment to identify the potential risk that might exist with shelves stacked with snacks. The result is to some extent very suprising. Have a look at the following video:

The aggression against the super markets last week seems to have been based on knowledge from this experiment. So my quite reflection is, when snacks presents such a fire hazard….what else in today’s society does? And can we really protect society at large when we need guards to protect the snack shelves from sabotage…..

Update 16th March: The tech-mag NY TEKNIK (NEW TECHNOLOGY) ran a short-story about this on the 12th of March.

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