Talking at EASC09

On October the 2nd, I will give a talk on Societal Security 2.0 at the Euro-Atlantic Stakeholder Conference in Stockholm, organized by MSB and DHS.

Title: Societal Security 2.0 : Using mobile consumer terminals and Social Media applications on secure and robust mobile broadband networks on a mass scale.

Abstract: Crisis response and society security will in the coming years face completely new challenges. The old military-like solutions based on a hierarchical command and control structure will be obsolete due to its inflexibility and high costs.

We tend to design for yesterdays problem and we often lack the capacity to look deep into the future. In order to reach Societal Security 2.0, we as researchers, designer, technology providers and policy makers must make a radical shift in our current thinking. Instead of centralized super-stationary command centers with over-whelming computing capacity, we must aim for super mobile organizational structures with distributed capacity on a massive scale.

The future for situation awareness is not found in proprietary technology and data fusion centers but in consumer electronics, commercial networks and the power of the many in a crowd-sourcing approach. Sweden must make a dramatic shift for society security and crisis response that fully embraces mobile consumer technology, the next generation social media applications and robust commercial mobile broadband networks. The future is all about providing mobile capabilities into the hands of local and regional organizations on a massive scale. Information will be produced and consumed using the mobile terminals we always have ready-at-hand in any situation we will face.

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