Invited speaker at MEX2010

Last week, on the 19th of may, I attended the Mobile User Experience Conference (MEX2010). MEX is an industry strategy forum exploring the techniques and strategies for creating great mobile user experience in a multi-platform digital environment. It was a great two-day event and as an invited speaker, I was given the opportunity to share some of the insights from the work in our research group as well as from our start-up IDEAviate. My topic was “Multi-platform user experience design – learning from crisis situations”.

It was great to network with industry people to learn more about what frame their thinking. One of the most valuable things was to talk with Heather Martin, Director of Interaction Design at Smart Design, on all the opportunities that exists for designing really innovative solutions that targets voice in broad terms and not just as a simple voice-to-text interaction. It was very clear that Heather had a great balance between practical design experience and theoretical base for her ideas. MEX2010 was a great conference.

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