Too much planning too little actual action

Modern work life is for many of us characterized by intense work and fast moving deadlines that we barely are able to meet. Many of us have days filled with meetings, coordination activities and administration. On top of these important activities, we are also expected to execute the very core of our professions, namely develop new concepts, contribute to evolving bodies of knowledge, invent new ways for collaboration and so on. There seems to be a risk that creativity will be washed away when we spend more time organizing work than actually do work.

When was the last time you had a good discussion on how you and your friends at work could boost your creativity to find new solutions? Planning is of course very important but action might be more productive. What would happen if we could change the way we plan so it instead could have significant resemblance with action? One could argue that planning is acting but I do believe that many of you also can see the point I am trying to make.

The big question that has been puzzling me for some time is related to how I as part of my everyday work and in all the interactions with my friends at work can avoid the pitfalls of “let´s make plan” and instead end up at “lets work on it”. The “it” is here as you might realize not the plan but the very task. Creativity should be our focus in contrast to the large volumes of meta-work that not only burden use but too often also kill the fantastic and great idea that we started with.

Okay, now you know what I spend time thinking about. Please tell me how you approach this problem. Take also the opportunity to provide other perspectives on this issue. Lastly, please also tell me if I am only bitching.

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