Apply for the ISCRAM2011 Summerschool Now!

Please make sure that you have an extremely good reasons not to apply and attend for the ISCRAM2011 summerschool. The summerschool is the perfect place for phd-students and professionals in the emergency and crisis response domain to learn more about how information technology might be used to give you game-changing abilities.

The ISCRAM Summerschool will provide you with a valuable network of researchers and professionals, new insights, inspiration and ground breaking ambitions. Yes, I am a big fan of this Summerschool and Yes, I will be there to run a radical design camp where you and your team of new friends will explore cutting edge technology-use for crisis response and humanitarian response work.
People that attend the summerschool are willing to make their very best to push the boundaries of crisis response work. We hope that you will be one of them.
Deadline: 1st of june

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