ICT and Refugees: Studies by students at Master in Communication, Univ of Gotenburg

Refugees, government agencies, non-governmental organizations and grass-root volunteers are all dependent  of information and communication technologies. The use of Information and communication technologies has therefore become increasingly important in order to enable, support, manage and organize various aspects of the ongoing refugee and migration situation.

During the spring we have explored various aspects of information technology use among refugees in Sweden.  The studies have been accomplished by international students at the Master in Communication program at University of Gothenburg. My role in this work has been to provide supervision and to organize the field work.

The students have produced amazing and insightful results that indicate in a clear way the need for additional studies in order to better understand the role of ICT in the ongoing refugee situation. The results are presented at an open conference on Lindholmen today the 2nd of June. Please read more about the results here.

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