Inspiring papers published 2018

The department of Applied IT head of division of Informatics, Johan Magnusson, asked his fellows about the top-3 papers that has been published in 2018. Since I am Johans manager, I also wanted to (and was asked to) contribute with my list. So here are the three papers from 2018 that has been particularly useful and interesting.

The first paper is published in the excellent venue CoDesign. The paper is co-authored by Eva Eriksson who is a brilliant researcher that a few years ago was part of the division of Interaction Design, during the time when I was the head of division.

Saad-Sulonen, J., Eriksson, E., Halskov, K., Karasti, H., & Vines, J. (2018). Unfolding participation over time: temporal lenses in participatory design. CoDesign14(1), 4-16.

The second paper is written by Helena Karasti and Volkmar Pipek along with Geoffrey Bowker, and contributes to the discourse on infrastructure, design and participation. This paper is a great source for inspiration in the otherwise dull waters of too much management-centric infrastructure papers. It is great to see that the PD-associated people are making useful contributions.

Karasti, H., Pipek, V., & Bowker, G. C. (2018). An Afterword to ‘Infrastructuring and Collaborative Design’. Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)27(2), 267-289.

The third paper is written by the always brilliant Leysia Palen together with Robert Sodden, and it elaborates on the digitalisation and the data-fication of crisis management. Since Leysia is a thought-leader of the discipline, Crisis Informatics, this paper is an important contribution to further develop the field. The paper is also great since it re-discover Zuboffs concept of ‘informating‘.

Soden, R., & Palen, L. (2018). Informating Crisis: Expanding Critical Perspectives in Crisis Informatics. Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction2(CSCW), 162.

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