The notion of time in time-critical work

Emergency response is often understood as a time-critical activity. Rapid intervention, fast response and working against the clock are expressions often used to explicate that time is of importance in the work of fire crews during emergency response operations. What role does time play, how do the people in these organisations understand time, and how do they talk about time. Time can be described in terms of chronological time but also in terms of social time.

Below is a list of papers that cover different aspects of this topic:

  • Sorokin & Merton (1937) Social time: A methodological and functional analysis, The American Journal of Sociology 42(5)
  • Fine (1990) Organisational time: Temporal demands and the experience of work in restaurant kitchens, Social Forces 69(1).
  • Orlikowski & Yates (2002) It´s about time: Temporal structuring in Organisations, Organizational Science 13(6)
  • Reddy & Dourish (2002) A finger on the pulse: Temporal rhtyms and information seeking in medical work, Proceedings of CSCW 2002.
  • Fisher & Dourish (2004) Social and temporal structures in everyday collaboration, CHI 2004 vol 6 no 1.

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