Study of health-related crisis response in local community

Today, myself and a PhD-student from Chalmers University started a small but very interesting study of the “Lilla Edet health situation”. Lilla Edet is a small community 45 min north of Gothenburg City. During the last two weeks, this community has been struck by a health related crisis where community members have faced stomach illness. The cause of this problem is a coli-bacteria that the authorities suspect is related to the community water system. However, there are at this time no clear evidence that the problem is caused by the water.
Our task here is to study the crisis response work from the perspective of the community authority. Today, we meet the Environment Manager and conducted a 90 minute interview where she very openly described how the community authorities have tried to manage this crisis.

The interview span across topics such as:
information seeking activities, adhoc-organizing, crisis communication/media management as well as intriguing aspects of the collaboration with involved national and regional public organizations. Based on today’s insights, we will structure a series of semi-structured interviews and perhaps also some pattern analysis of the mobile phone communication.

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