TANDBERG: Communication Challenges Facing First Responders

Yesterday, I was approached by a senior account executive from a big US-based marketing company, informing me that their client TANDBERG have live video broadcasting products and services for emergency and crisis response work. Apparently, they have a short Youtube video where “Scott Feinberg, TANDBERG Public Sector Market Manager, discusses examples of the most critical communications issues faced by first responders and how video can play a role in improving communication.” The video is very brief and there is no product demo showing what they have in mind. It would have been great to see how their customers use and percieve the benefit of such mobile live video broadcasting….and perhaps also the costs that are related to such use. Anyway here is the TANDBERG video on youtube, and NO, I did not get any money for publishing this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zidAfbHjTcE

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