Designing for talk

There are some really good studies about mobile phone conversations. To my surprise there seems to be very litte done in terms of materializing the design insights put forward in those studies. During the MEX2010 conference on Mobile User Experience, one of the key-note speakers made the bold statement “designing for talk is completed”. My reaction is the opposite, design for talk has a long way to go. Currently we see great efforts in using voice as input method when controlling the device or app. But where are all the solutions that actually focus on what I say when I have a mobile phone conversation. The number of references we do to places, location in time, people, etc is significant. One can imagine the various services we could build that provide cues based on just a very simple keyword search, while we are talking. When I say “we could perhaps meet next week” would trigger the mobile phone to switch to the calendar and show next weeks meetings. That was just a simple example. The question still remains, where are the good stuff that leverage what I say when I talk?

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