Crisis rooms and situation reporting

JRC_BIGWALLHCIAt the end of last week, I had the fortune to meet a great group of people at the EU/JRC in Ispra Italy. Markus Rester and Tom de Groeve organised a two-day workshop on Situation Reporting and BigWall-HCI. They had invited crisis professionals from national authorities, solution providers and academic researchers. The two-day workshop gave a really good overview about the challenges and opportunities when it comes to situation reporting as a structured activity as well how innovative technology could enable and strengthen these activities. For me, these two days was pure energy that I will bring back home and inject into regional and national projects in Sweden. An insight from the workshop is that despite they heavy investments that organisations are willing to do in technology, situation reporting as an activity needs further studies. Thanks to Markus and Tom, important steps has been made in bringing a network together that over the next few years will be able to further advance the knowledge in this important area. I am also pleased to see that MSB here in Sweden seems to have come a long way in their development of a national Situation Awareness/ Situation Reporting-function. The rest of this year will be of outmost interest when learning more from MSBs professionals.

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