Transparent Information flows in Hastily Formed Networks

A major challenge in emergency and crisis response work is to manage transparent information flows across the network of actors. Information produced within one organization about a specific incident should also be accessible for other organization involved at the same incident.
Just allowing all organizations to access everything from everyone is perhaps not the best approach. Specific pieces of information might be sensitive to share, whereas other information is not. There is a need for new mechanisms that will allow organizations to dynamically mange the access right to specific information. We also believe that there must be a balance between pre-defined access rights and temporary access restrictions. A challenge is also to allow for a distributed access rights administration in order to dynamically and in relation to the specific incident and the specific information set the level of transparency.

In a small project related to our three year research project Common Operating Picture(?), we will explore these challenges. Two ambitious bachelor-students will work as members of our research group to target the phenomena of transparent information flows in Hastily formed Networks.

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