LiveResponse is finally here as a commercial service

In the last few years, our research team has been working with a small project on bringing live video broadcasting to the crisis and emergency response community. Our design work and extensive evaluation activities has now resulted in a product that no longer is just a good research app, but an application that we can offer to any organization across the world.

LiveResponse is the result of a highly successful collaboration with the people behind the award-winning Bambuser live video service. LiveResponse is a modified and extended version that targets crisis and emergency responders. To make LiveResponse available, it has been necessary to setup a legal company along with all necessary legal documents in order to release LiveResponse from the research lab environment. We have just made a small step along an exciting road. If your are interested in what mobile live video broadcasting from ordinary cellphones could do for your organization, please visit

3 thoughts on “LiveResponse is finally here as a commercial service

  1. I must say that it is a very useful to have Live Video Broadcasting. It bring accurate information at the very same time where a particular event is happening as well. Thank you people who invented such media and to those people who dedicate themselves to develop this particular media that we are now using.

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